Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Neighborhood friends and future babysitters

Claire stays with my mom during the day while Trent and I go to work.  Some days she gets to stay with Trent's mom too.  We are very lucky to have family so close by that Claire does not have to go to daycare and risk being exposed to so many germs.  Now that the weather is nice, my mom takes Claire for walks around their neighborhood.  She gets to stop and meet neighbors - which Claire is usually sleeping so they just take a peek at her!

A long time neighbor down the street and long time friend of both families has 2 beautiful granddaughters.  They keep up with Claire's blog, pray for Claire, and do nice things for Claire.  These sweet girls are named Maggie and Marcie.  Maggie, as you remember, is the one who did the Jump Rope for Heart in honor of Claire.  Her sister, Marcie, has a special birthday coming up on Easter Sunday.  Claire wants to wish Marcie a happy early birthday!!!!

These sweet girls decided that while they were out shopping with their grandmother that they needed to buy Claire a dress.  So they did!  It is the cutest little zebra print dress you can imagine.  Claire already has a more modern and stylish wardrobe than I will ever have!  Then they also cut fresh roses from their grandmother's yard and brought both down to Claire yesterday.  Claire was sleeping when they stopped by, so they didn't get to meet her.  And my mom later strolled Claire down the street to meet the girls while she was awake, but they had already gone home.  Hopefully they will get to meet each other this week! 

Claire absolutely loved her roses and her dress!  The dress will be perfect for her this summer.  A picture of that will come later when she wears the dress.  But here is a picture of Claire with her beautiful roses:

"Thank you Marcie and Maggie (and Mrs. Adkins)!!!!"

Claire also told me last night that she thought Marcie and Maggie could be her future babysitters one day!  Wouldn't that be so much fun?!?!  I know Claire is looking forward to it!!!


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