Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cardiologist response

We finally got the cardiologist situation straight and are back with the original cardiologist we saw before Claire was born.  He replied to my questions yesterday about the possibility of stenosis happening in Claire's pulmonary arteries as a result of the tetralogy repair.  Here's what he said:

"Reassuringly, the left pulmonary artery appears to have grown normally according to this last echo report.  The right or left pulmonary artery may sometimes not grow normally after repair of tetralogy of fallot due to scar tissue that builds up in that region, but this does not appear to be happening."

THANK GOD!!!!   He also said he has not personally been able to view the images yet, but will do so before our next appointment in May so we can discuss it in more detail then.  But what a relief that so far, it does NOT seem to be what we thought a few weeks ago.  It may change over time, but at least for right now we are reassured and relieved. 

We have a few prayer requests for some of Claire's friends.  Her friend Eliza will be having surgery Tuesday to get a G-tube (gastric) put in her belly to help her eat.  Also, Claire Elizabeth has been having some seizures lately and her parents are concerned.   Her friend Remi is also sick.  We are not sure what she has, but little preemie babies do not need to get sick.  You can check out Eliza and Claire's blogs here:

Eliza's blog:

Claire Elizabeth's blog:

Have a great weekend and stay safe in these storms that are coming our way!


The Scott Family


  1. Praise God!! So glad you got a good report for Claire. Keeping her little friends in my prayers.

  2. I'm glad the Cardi got back to you! I'm praying for Claire and her friends!