Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 6 month birthday Claire! And 6 weeks post-op!

Today is Claire's 6 month birthday!  Wow, it's so hard to believe it's been 6 months.  She has achieved so much in her little life so far.  We are so very proud of Claire. 

Here are some pictures from this morning!

We didn't have a birthday party hat, so the bonnet from Grandma Neat Neat will do!

Hanging out with my stuffed animals

Normal camera stare

Playing with my pink puppy from Dr. Rachel

At Granny and Big Daddy's for the day

It has also been 6 weeks from Claire's heart surgery.  She is doing great!  Now we can start picking her up underneath her arms again and really working on tummy time and other PT things with her arms. 
Claire has started giving "kisses" over the past few days.  It is great!  She has enjoyed spending time with her grandparents and meeting cousins Connor and Anna.  Claire has been unable to meet any of her child friends due to germs.  So they went outside in the field on a really windy day so they could "meet" without sharing germs!  Claire is also starting to try to hold her bottle by herself, but her hands are way too little.  But at least she's learning! 

Here are a few more pictures from the week:

Claire and Grandma Neat Neat

We never got a picture of Claire in her bassinet so before we put it away, we snapped a few pictures. 

Such a big girl!

"I love bath time!"
Also notice how good my scar looks!

drying off after a bath

All clean!
The Scott Family


  1. You ought to have the last pic blown up, it's a beautiful picture.

  2. Yep, that last one got me. Again, a true miracle Claire is. Seeing that scar is a reminder for all of us. That last pic needs to hang in your house and be used as all your profile pics from now on. LOVE IT~