Thursday, April 7, 2011


Although I know we had an ultrasound of Claire's abdomen a little over a week ago, I am thinking her belly is looking more distended and she is experiencing some swelling from that.  I had kind of noticed it earlier in the week when I tried to put some pants on her.  She's wearing about 3 month sizes right now, but 6 month pants are really tight on her belly. 

So when I posted the pictures yesterday, one really caught my attention. 

Notice how the right side of her belly sticks out to the side?  That is because of the cyst.  So I verified my thinking with my mom and mother-in-law and they both agreed that Claire's belly looked bigger than last week and the swelling looked worse.  She also looks like she has "dimples" underneath her ribs.  I am not sure how to explain it but I know it's not supposed to be that way.  So I left a message with the surgeon last night about our concerns and hoping I will hear back from them today to schedule the MRI earlier than May.  My momma instincts tell me some thing's not right....  Please keep Claire in your prayers. 

The Scott Family

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  1. Praying. Please keep us updated. Don't let anyone blow you off. The only reason Mason is here today is because of me listening to my gut.