Friday, April 29, 2011

A "Royal" Morning

Today is a special day in history as the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton occurred.  For Claire, this will be like the Prince Charles and Diana wedding for my childhood.  Although I don't remember it, it was a special day in history. 

So how did we spend our night and morning in preparation for the royal day you ask?  Well, Claire wanted to be sure she didn't miss the wedding, so she woke us up at 11:30 pm, 3:30 am, and 5:30 am.  Once we were up at 5:30 am, Claire ate her breakfast and we hurried downstairs to turn the tv on.  Claire and I quietly watched people arriving as I got ready for work, trying not to wake Trent up.  Once we moved into the den to watch it, I believe Claire realized she had NOT been invited to the wedding!  She became very upset and inconsolable!  (Well, not like she has been in the past at the ABC Store, but you know what I mean....)

To make her feel like she was at the wedding, I put on her special party dress that Beth and Isabella gave her (a dress Isabella got at her baby shower that I fell in love with then and got first dibs on for whenever we had a baby!).  And to make the day even more special, it's Beth's birthday (hence wearing the party dress from Beth).  Happy Birthday Beth!

The dress was not enough.  Claire didn't understand why everyone else had on a big, extravagant hat and she didn't. 

So I pulled out her christening bonnet (that she hasn't worn yet b/c she hasn't been baptised yet) and put that on her to make her feel more like she was there.  This did not appease her at all.  Trent woke up to see what all the commotion was about.  When I told him she was upset she wasn't at the wedding, he laughed and agreed that that was why she was so fussy (we both really know it's that she is so uncomfortable from her cyst). 

Claire then proceeded to spit up on me and her party dress about 4 times (also due to the cyst).  She insisted that it was making her pure sick that she had not been invited to the royal wedding as she is SURE that William and Kate follow her blog!  ;)

Trent started asking Claire if this was the kind of wedding she wanted.  I remembered back to before we were going to find out if Claire was a girl or boy.  Trent told me that he needed to find out if he was going to have to pay for a wedding or not!  So the ultrasound tech told him to start saving for the wedding now!  So as he is asking Claire if this is the kind of wedding she wants, my wheels are turning.  Is he serious?  Then he said he heard somewhere that Kate's dress was expensive - like $500,000.  I told Claire she could not have a $500,000 dress and for her to go ahead and accept that now. 

The exact words out of Trent's mouth were - "I can't see spending $500,000 on a wedding dress.  Maybe $5,000."  I was thinking he would have said "maybe $500" or something but not $5,000!!!!!  At this very moment, I realized that Trent is wrapped so tightly around Claire's finger and that he would literally sell his right arm to get her a $5,000 wedding dress if that is what she wanted.  Am I in for it or what?!?!?! 

Finally after being spit up on for the 4th time and trying not to have to change clothes before I had to leave for work, I put Claire in her Chevrolet "royal chariot" and the procession started to Granny and Big Daddy's with a stop off at Grandma Neat Neat's (our morning ritual).  She was asleep by the time we got to Granny's but quickly awoke to the roaring crowd awaiting to see her (the neighborhood dogs).  I escorted Claire inside and handed her off to Granny.  As I left for work, she waved goodbye as she does each morning with the help of Granny.  I have already received a phone call that the princess is sound asleep.  It's been a busy morning for her and I am sure she is having sweet dreams of her own royal wedding one day. 


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