Sunday, April 10, 2011

a few updates

As of now, Claire has an MRI scheduled for April 22nd.  I was hoping for something sooner.  So I am going to work on that.  I think Claire needs to be seen sooner than then, but this was the earliest appointment that the surgeons office could get for us.  They tried.  But I am hoping we can get on a cancellation list or SOMETHING to get in earlier. 

Also, for the March of Dimes walk t-shirt contest, I had originally set the deadline as April 18th.  Well, to get the shirts done in time (and with everything going on with Claire) I have to change the deadline to this Tuesday, April 12th.  Sorry about that!  Next year I will give more notice. 

The Scott Family


  1. My first son (heart healthy) had to be scheduled for an MRI due to an issue with his pupil (one didn't dilate) to make sure there wasn't a tumor somewhere in his brain. The MRI appointment the doctor's office made for us was 6 weeks away!

    I called the neurologist directly, was polite, but let the receptionist know I was crying myself to sleep at night and she was so sweet and got us something MUCH sooner.

    It's definitely worth a call! Praying for Claire!

  2. I called and left another message so they would have it this morning when they got there and told them I just didn't feel safe waiting 2 weeks and what could I do to get the MRI done sooner. So we will see!