Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Neat-Neat!

Today is Grandma Neat-Neat's birthday!  We celebrated yesterday with a cookout and cake and ice cream.  Claire did pretty good at the party.  She was a little clingy, but did let Mimi hold her some.  We are now starting to work on getting Claire out in groups of people so she can get used to others. 

Happy Birthday Grandma Neat-Neat! 

We had a busy weekend!  Saturday Claire and I went to visit Great Granny Maxine and Great Granddaddy.  We were also able to visit with Claire's cousin Caba for the first time and her parents.  It was a great visit!  Caba decided that Claire was "tiny"!  She is right!  Saturday night, Trent and I were able to have a date night and go out to eat.  It was very much appreciated just for me not having to scarf down my meal in a hurry. 

My cousin Sam, his daughter Caba, me, and Claire

Sunday was the birthday party for Grandma Neat Neat and then we played in the bumbo chair with Fuzz. 

Claire and Fuzz played ball like this for a while on Saturday!  She is really paying him a lot of attention now.  She even scratched his head, pulled his ear, and pulled his collar this weekend.  When Fuzz runs in the room, she whips her head around and follows him! 

And this is how I found Claire asleep.  She has been crossing her legs/feet like this since we have been home from her liver surgery.  It must be comfortable!  It sure is cute!

Also, her steri-strips all came off of her incision.  It looks like it's healing well!  Here is a picture of both of her incisions.  I hope they fade away quickly! 

So all in all, we had a really good weekend!  Now that the weather is nice, we are going to start attempting to get Claire out more.  A little at a time.  It's scary for us since we have had to be so careful about having Claire around anyone.  We will still be very careful with her and making sure not to take her around anyone sick for a while.  I know she has to build up her immune system soon though!  But it's only been 2 weeks since a major surgery. 

By the way, people have been telling me lately that Claire looks just like me when I was a baby.  I didn't really believe it until my mom showed me my baby book this morning!  Wow!  I will try to scan some comparison pictures in soon!


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