Monday, May 9, 2011

Moved to the floor today

Claire had a good night but threw up again this morning.  But she has done ok so far the rest of the day.  She has only eaten once for me.  She doesn't seem really interested just yet.  So she is still hooked up to IV fluids since she is probably dehydrated. 

BUT she looks 100% better today than yesterday.  She has almost smiled several times today!  She's playing with Aunt Amanda right now and having fun!  I have held her several times today too.  They moved Claire out to the floor around noon so she is in her own room. 

Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle Ricky came by today to visit and also Aunt Amanda.  Amanda and I rigged up a wire across the top of Claire's crib to hang some toys on, so hopefully that will work to occupy Claire for a few minutes!

So now it's just waiting for her to eat well enough to go home.  I hope it's soon!!!  She's still getting Tylenol for pain and sometimes oxycodone.  But other than that she is off everything else I think!  The IV in her neck was taken out today so she just has one in her foot and the abdomen drain.  I measured her incision and it's about 8 inches long. 

We are praying for a good afternoon and night and that Claire picks up on her feeds so we can get out of here soon!!!

The Scott Family


  1. So happy to hear its been a good day. Love Claire's little face in all the pictures, she is beautiful!

  2. She is beginning to look like herself again. Looking like she feels much better. So glad she's doing better and hopefully will be homeward bound in a day or so.
    ~The McLawhorn's~

  3. Praying for a speedy recovery!!! :)
    Dwayne, Brenda, & Claire