Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Staycation

We stayed home this Memorial Day weekend and it was nice!  First of all, it was nice to have a day off of work that we weren't travelling to Duke.  Trent had to work most of the weekend, but it was just nice being around.  Claire and I spent most of the weekend around the house playing and trying to occupy her time.  She is in between being an infant and being able to crawl and move on her own.  She tries hard to get down when you are holding her like she wants to run!  But she just can't figure out crawling just yet.  We are continuing to work on tummy time.  We have had to start and stop tummy time so many times due to her surgeries, so she's not very fond of it.  But we will keep trying!

The other day Claire was really watching us when we drank out of a cup and starting reaching for it.  Trent gave her one and she would put it to her mouth like she was trying to mimic us.  So I decided to give her a sippy cup so she could start practicing drinking out of it and holding it.  Claire did really good with it! 

We have added the rice cereal back to her formula at night and that has helped a lot with Claire sleeping better during the night.  Now it's usually just getting up once at night.  Last night she slept from 8 pm to 5:45 am!!!  YAY!!!!!! 

For our Memorial Day weekend, Claire visited with Granny, Big Daddy, and Aunt Julie, and Grandma Neat Neat.  We helped Trent clean out the pool and hopefully it will be ready to swim in soon!  I bought Claire a float this weekend and my mom bought her a new bathing suit and hat!  I also made sure to pick up some 100 SPF baby sun screen for Claire since we have to be so careful not to let her scars get sun.  We rode up to the shop and visited Trent while he was working on the tractor.  Claire has now graduated to the umbrella stroller (the travel system stroller is for babies she says).  So it's much easier to take her out and stroll her around and she LOVES it.  We tried sitting in the exersaucer again, but the seat is just so big, she is not comfortable for long even with blankets stuffed around her.  She did find the little roller thing on it and continued to roll it around for a while and listen to the noise.  I also dressed her in red, white, and blue yesterday!!  It was too cute!

I actually cooked supper last night for the first time in a loooooong time!  I had to prepare everything during Claire's naps and then put it all on the stove and in the oven at her bath time.  It worked out ok.  I put Claire's high chair together this weekend thinking she would like to sit with us at the table and allow Trent and I to actually eat a meal together.  But that didn't work.  Claire is ok if she can see you and you are looking at her, but if you walk away or walk out of the room, she gets upset.  We are going to have to work on the separation anxiety.  :)  But she gets it honest because I hate to be alone too!

Anyways, here are some pictures from the weekend! 

The Scott Family

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