Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long day

Today was a long day for Claire.  She had a good night, but when we got there this morning, I could hear her crying down the hall.  She had thrown up a few times and was upset.  We all got her calmed back down and situated and she rested.  Her belly was really distended today and the doctor figured that the pressure was too high on the cannula and had put a lot of extra air in Claire's belly.  So they put the drainage tube back in her nose to get the excess air and stuff out of Claire's belly.  That seemed to help some along with pain meds. 

Claire was awake some but slept most of the day.  It's very pitiful when she wakes up.  She looks like she's in pain and cries.  Then she coughs and that really hurts her belly.  A vicious cycle. 

Rev. Berry and cousin Elizabeth and Ted came to visit today.  So did Dr. Rachel.  Claire has so many friends. 

Today was also the March of Dimes walk.  Unfortunately, Claire and I did not get to go.  But some great family and friends went anyways and walked.  I will post pictures when I get some!  We are so appreciative for everyone who helped raise money in honor of Claire.  Thank you!!!  We doubled the team goal and raised about $1000! 

Claire threw up 3 more times tonight, but when we finally left, she was sleeping soundly.  I am praying she has a good night.  They haven't fed her yet, but Claire doesn't act hungry and that's not like her!

I also got a beautiful basket of flowers for my first mother's day from Trent, Claire, and Fuzz!  It brightened my day!!!

We are all exhausted so sorry for the short post.  I hope I didn't leave anything out.  Please continue to pray.


The Scott Family

A good point in the day.  So glad to see her eyes today. 

Trying to clean out Claire's mouth.

Nurse Amanda - we love her!

Claire got a quilt from Quilts for Kids!

My mother's day flowers :)

I tried to smell the rose in the middle and the stamens from the lily left their mark on my chin!  I walked down the hall like this and didn't know it!!!!!  Geez!  A great end to the day!  haha

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