Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Look alike?

Since before Claire was even born, I thought she looked just like Trent.  In the 4D ultrasound, I could just tell.  It was like a Trent mini-me. After Claire was born, it confirmed to me that she was a Trent mini-me.  She looked just like him!  Or so I thought anyway.  I only had maybe 1-2 people ever tell me that she looked like me and I think they were just saying that to be nice.  I had always said if our children looked as cute as Trent did as a child then I would be perfectly satisfied!  So I am!

But lately, I have had more and more people telling me that Claire looks like me and looks exactly like I did at this age.  I honestly did not even think so at all!  Until my mom pulled out my baby book this weekend.  I found several pictures that it was almost scary how similar we look.  But at the same time, I still see a lot of Trent in Claire.  So it's weird. 

Anyways, for fun, I scanned in some pictures of me so you can see what you think!  I didn't have any baby pictures of Trent that I could scan in last night.  If I get some I will post them too. 

This is me with my Granny Rose and Big Daddy (hence Claire's middle name and also the name Claire will call my dad).  This is Thanksgiving 1979 so I was 4 months old. 

This is me and my dad and I think their dog named Diamond.  The back of the picture says I am 12 weeks. 

I am 10 weeks here.  This is my "camera stare" like Claire!

11 weeks old

14 weeks old

5 months old with Granny Rose

8 months old

6 months old


The Scott Family


  1. She does look just like you!!!

  2. We have that too. People have always said she looks like Graham and his sister Holly, and she does, but several people have said she looks just like me when I was little and I must say, she does. I think it's just a good mix lol. She has his blue eyes and his and his eyebrows, but my nose and mouth. My hair was kind of like Holly's when I was little so it's hard to tell who she got that from. She's definitely got my shape so watch out! LOL