Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Books for Charley

Who is Charley you might ask?  Charlotte Ritchie was a beautiful little girl.  We did not know Charley, but I found her mom's blog a few weeks ago and have been catching up on it.  I have found a lot of comfort and knowledge reading other heart mom blogs and Charlotte's mom does a great job of keeping up her blog! 

You can read more about Charlotte and her heart journey at http://littlemissritchie.blogspot.com/.  Unfortunately, Charlotte lost her battle with CHD recently and very, very unexpectedly.  Some of her family decided that a way to give back would be to collect new children's books and donate them to the children's hospital that Charlotte went to in her memory - hence "Books for Charley."  The family is placing little heart stickers in the front of each book noting that the books are in memory of sweet Charlotte along with her blog address so others can learn about her and her big heart. 

Of course, Claire (and we) want to help this heart family heal.  And collecting books to send is a way of doing just that.  Children's books are not expensive, so it's a great, cheap way to make a huge, huge difference.  Not only for Charlotte's family, but these books will be handed out to children staying in the hospital.  I know how important it was for us and Claire to know someone cared when we were at Duke for days on end.  Just think about the smiles these books will bring!

So we are reaching out to our blog readers who may want to help!  We would like to collect the books and then send one big box from Claire and friends.  Here are a few ways:

1.   If you have Facebook, you can log on and search for "Books for Charley" to see the event page and read more.
2.  You can purchase books and let me know and I can get them from you. 
3.  You can give me the money and I will go out and buy the books. 
4.  If you have a better idea on how to collect the books, let me know!

Email me at rebeccascott333@yahoo.com to let me know you want to participate!!  Or leave a comment below. 

I know Charlotte's family is making a delivery in August, but they are planning to make one again after that.  So let's set a deadline of August 31st for getting the books to me.  Then if they make another delivery in September, I will be sure the books are delivered for that.  Please help this family.  I cannot even imagine what they are experiencing.  With just a few dollars for a children's book, you can put a smile on their faces knowing their daughter's short life made a difference. 

To help one, heals one. 

The Scott Family

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