Friday, July 15, 2011


When I looked at this picture, lots of words came to mind like love, family, strength, courage, McLean blood, and preemie. 

Never in a million years did I think that the term "preemie" would play such an integral role in our lives.  But when I really think about it, preemies have really played a huge role in our lives in the past and now the present and future. 

See the picture below?  The word "preemie" means a lot to each of these people. 

Of course, you already know Claire's preemie story.  She was born at 29 weeks, 3 lbs 2 oz, and 16 1/4" long.  Due December 22nd and born October 6th, 2011.

Sarah (Trent's first cousin, but more like his sister, and more like one of Claire's aunts) was also born a preemie.  Claire's due date was actually on Sarah's birthday - December 22nd.  She wasn't due until March and was born at 30 weeks.  She weighed the exact same as Claire - 3 lbs 2 oz.  Coincidental with Claire's due date and Sarah's birth date and the same exact weight?!?!? 

"Preemie" also means a lot to Grandma Neat Neat.  Not only does she have a preemie grand daugther, but she also had a preemie of her own.  Trent's brother Taylor was born at 28 weeks on December 5th, but wasn't due until March 5th. Taylor was born weighing 2 lbs 2 oz and measuring 12 1/2" long.  He lived on this Earth 24 days before earning his angel wings.

So needless to say, the word "preemie" is pretty significant in our family.  It was then and it is now. 

Two "preemies" in a pod!

And to say we are excited about seeing our preemie friend Eliza and her mom tomorrow is an understatement!!!!!!!

The Scott Family

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  1. Love it. Im crying. I love Claire and I love you all. Im so glad to share a special bond with her. She was born to this family for a special reason, already coming to light. :)