Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyday holds a possibility of a miracle

The title of this post is a quote that is on the wall at my sister Julie's house.  She put it on the wall in the room that I stayed in for months after Claire was born as a reminder.  I love the quote!  I thought it was fitting for this post today.  Warning - lots and lots of pictures to follow!

Of course you know from the previous post that we went to visit Eliza this weekend along with Aunt Amanda, Aunt Julie, and Uncle James.  Here are the pictures I took from that visit. 

Aunt Manda and a happy Claire!

Welcome home Aunt Julie!

Uncle James and Aunt Julie are funny!

BFFs and Soul Sisters

Claire wants Eliza's bow

Ok, now they really look like they are fighting like true sisters here!

Claire's wall

Claire also visited with Grandma Neat Neat this weekend and had a blast!  She ate lunch in Grandma's high chair for the first time at her house.  They were both pretty proud of that. 

Then on Sunday afternoon, we had an impromptu pool party and cookout at our house.  We had so much fun and the food and fellowship was wonderful.  Thanks to Candice for fixing so many homemade desserts!  We had about 20 people and Claire did great!  Not one ounce of fussing or anxiety. Maybe we are slowly getting used to crowds....

floating - wasn't a fan of the float this time

Claire and Daddy

She LOVED being out of the float.  She kicked and splashed for a very long time!

Claire and Candy Cane (Candice)

Jace was having a great time in the pool!


Daisy wanted to get in soooo bad!  She finally did!

Getting ready for our picnic in the yard.

Claire and Daisy

We tried to capture Daisy giving Claire kisses but we weren't fast enough with the camera.  But Daisy kissed Claire about 50 times!

happy baby!

Daisy liked what was Candice's plate so she took the liberty to eat it! 

Yummy!  Thanks Candice! 

Needless to say, we had a great weekend.  And this post makes me realize that everyday really does hold a possibility of a miracle. 

The Scott Family


  1. I love the quote! The pictures all must make me smile, too! What an awesome day!

  2. Looks like fun! Hope we can join in next time. Love you all.