Monday, July 11, 2011

Esther Williams

Claire had a good weekend!  She visited the farmers market, ate lunch at Carolina Bagel, visited with family, ate lots of beans and carrots, and swam.  She is making a new sound now that sounds like a dog panting.  I am thinking this is because she spent so much time with Aunt Amanda's dog, Miller, last week!  It's funny!

This morning I was telling my mom how well Claire did swimming yesterday.  Trent handed her off to me in the pool and once we got her in the float properly, she started kicking and kicking.   We floated around the pool for a long time and she continued to kick and laugh.  She loves it!  When I was telling my mom about it this morning, she called Claire "Esther Williams."  I guess she saw the look on my face like I had no idea who Esther Williams was.  So she explained that our Granny Rose would always say we were "swimming like Esther Williams" when we would go over and swim in her pool.  And that Esther Williams was one of those beautiful actresses/professional swimmers from way back in the day of Granny Rose's time.  Like the ones who would stand on the side of the pool and dive off sideways so gracefully in line with several other beautiful swimmers. 

So looks like we now have an Esther Williams on our hands! 

Esther Williams
Yes....this is EXACTLY what Claire looks like in the pool.....  ;)

The Scott Family

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