Monday, July 25, 2011

Wow! What a busy weekend!

This weekend was so busy, yet so much fun!  A whole new journey started for us a year ago this past Saturday (July 23rd).   We already knew we were expecting and on a Friday went to the women's center to find out if we were having a girl or a boy (or having to pay for a wedding or not as Trent described it!).  Of course we found out we were having a girl and were very excited, but then had our bubble busted when the doctor said the ultrasound tech noticed something weird about my placenta and we needed to go to ECU for a level 2 ultrasound.  Little did we know this would be the start of the journey of finding out our daughter would be born with a congenital heart defect as well as a rare liver disease.  In the ultrasound picture below from that day, you can see Claire's feet.  Then to the left of her feet, you see my placenta with all of the black circles in it.  This what the tech noticed thank God!  If she had not, I tend to think we may not have found out about everything in time before Claire was born. 

Claire had fun dressing up this weekend and wearing some new outfits.  Is she not just too cute in the ribbons?!?! 

And of course she had to show her support to momma's alma mater.  With all the changes going on at Peace College (the other women's college in Raleigh), we wanted to show our support to Meredith for promising to remain a women's college. 

Saturday, Claire and I visited the farmer's market again.  She really likes going out there now.  We ran into some of Nurse Marie's family at the market.  They were our connection between us and Marie at Duke.  Marie took care of Claire on her 2nd day of life in the NICU (the first of many days) and my mom recognized her last name as one she knew from home.  She asked Marie if she knew Matthew and Marie said he was her great nephew!  My mom had Matthew in her preschool class and he was one of her favorite kids.  So the connection was made between our families!  Once I figured out who they were, I realized they had been customers of Scott Farm Organics for a few years and also Trent had gone out to the school that Dawn worked at and taught the kids about farming.  So we had met before, but just didn't know where it would lead us one day.  Like I said in a post a few months ago, I believe God puts people in our lives sometimes way before we find out that they were there for a purpose.  We are still so grateful to Nurse Marie and all that she did to get Claire where she is today!

Then we headed over to a church park downtown to meet up with Jenna and her family.  Jenna and I went to Meredith together and she and her husband moved to New Bern a few years ago.  Jenna and I usually run into each other at the women's center in awkward situations!  Anyways, Jenna has 2 children - Jack and Mary Walter.  MW and Claire were due 2 weeks apart.  So technically, in corrected age terms, Claire and MW are both about 7 months old.  So it was interesting to compare Claire to Mary Walter as if they should be on the same developmental levels. 

This was Claire's first time (for me) in a swing.  She wasn't so sure about it and only lasted a few minutes.  She and Jack had fun though! 

We then decided it was too hot to swing and found some shade for the girls to play in.  We had a lot of fun at our official first play date!  We decided next time to have it inside though! 

And Claire did another "first" this weekend!  She rolled from her back to her belly!  And then just kept rolling over and over.  She did it for a while on Sunday.  We better watch out because she will be rolling all over the place.  She no longer stays in one place on the floor.  She is proud of herself and her new trick.  Claire and Fuzz were practicing rolling over together.  He was showing her how to do it! 

Sunday evening, Connor and Anna came over and we all swam for a little while.  Connor and Claire really got to play a little in the pool and they really like each other.  It was fun to see Claire interacting with other kids this weekend.  It's made me realize we need to do it more. 

So needless to say, we are all worn out from a great weekend.  Oh, by the way, Trent and I had a date night out to Chef and the Farmer (  If you haven't been there and live in the Kinston area, you need to go there.  It is a great restaurant with great food (of course - they use our organic vegetables!).  They use mainly all local foods to prepare their seasonal dishes.  It is a great experience with awesome food!  The chef is a good friend and she just had twins this spring - we can't wait to get them together with Claire!

The Scott Family

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