Wednesday, July 13, 2011

La Princessa's photo shoot

Many of you know that I love to take pictures.  Photography is sort of my hobby, but has really been put on the back burner since Claire was born.  I have always taken pictures for friends and family of themselves or their kids, and always knew that when we had kids, I would be doing so many different photo shoots!  Yeah right!  I have had in my mind so many locations around the farm that would be perfect for different pictures of our family.  But I just haven't done it.  One - because there just isn't a whole lot of "spare time" at the right time of the day to take the best pictures.  Two - Trent hates pictures taken of himself, so to get him in a family picture is a task. 

Anyways, Sarah's flowers are blooming so beautifully right now.  I have taken several different family photos in their flowers over the years and definitely wanted to get Claire's pictures in the flowers.  So we planned for this morning.  Claire is totally a morning person.  So to try to take her pictures at dusk is not an option.  It has to be dawn.  So we were up early (4:45 am) and started getting ready for the day and the pictures.  I had picked out several outfits just in case she decided she wanted to take a lot of pictures, but knowing I better use my favorite one first because that would probably be all I got.   And I was right!

Usually I take so many pictures.  Today I took 70 in about 75 minutes.  You know there HAS to be at least ONE good one in that many pictures, right?  Well, after looking at them, there were lots of good ones.  So many that I can't really pick and choose which ones to post on the blog.  So I will post all of my favorites and you will just get to enjoy lots of pictures of Claire! 

I will start with my most favorite one:

To me, Claire is the most beautiful little girl in the world!  She is our world.

The Scott Family


  1. Yep, they are all perfect!! Sorry I wasnt there but glad they turned out great! Knew they would!! Beautiful, miracle baby girl!

  2. Wow! That's a whole lot of cuteness!!! She's just gorgeous (as is momma)!!!

  3. she is a wonderful, wonderful part of our world. So glad she belongs to our family!