Friday, July 29, 2011

Thirty two

In honor of "some one's" 32nd birthday today, here are 32 things about Claire:

1.  Claire is beautiful.
2.  Claire is strong and determined.
3.  Claire looks like her daddy and I love it. 
4.  Claire can roll and roll and roll all over the floor.
5.  Claire gives great kisses.
6.  Claire loves to laugh.
7.  Claire still gets up once a night most nights.
8.  Claire loves water - the bath, the pool, the sink. 
9.  Claire's two bottom teeth are extremely sharp.
10.  Claire is a special child of God.
11.  Claire recognizes her family.
12.  Claire likes to eat - she's even tolerating peas now.
13.  Claire is a survivor.
14.  Claire's big blue eyes are captivating.
15.  Claire loves to be read to.
16.  Claire loves to hear me sing (she's the only one who does!).
17.  Claire listens to lullabies every night when going to bed.
18.  Claire is a morning person.
19.  Claire hates to have clothes put on her.
20.  Claire loves animals.
21.  Claire loves wind chimes.
22.  Claire does not like to be left alone.
23.  Claire loves a remote control.
24.  Claire weighs 16 lbs 7.5 oz.
25.  Claire is over 6 months post open heart surgery.
26.  Claire is almost 3 months post liver surgery.
27.  Claire is the light of our lives.
28.  Claire loves to be outside.
29.  Claire is getting better about being around strangers, but is still not over it.
30.  Claire is loved by so many.
31.  Claire smiles with her whole face - mouth, nose, and eyes.
32.  Claire has made this girl realize more about life in almost 10 months than I have learned about it in the last 32 years.

The Scott Family

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