Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More July adventures

I have been really busy in the month of July and have the pictures to prove it! 

Granny and I went to Centenary United Methodist Church and played on the playground there.  I had a blast swinging for the first time!  And got to "play" in the tree house.

I also turned 9 months old on July 6th.  Of course, Granny had to put that silly hat on my head again...

I have started being able to sit for periods at a time by myself.  I am getting so much stronger each and every day.

I have been out visiting friends and family.  Here, I am spending some time with my Great Granny Maxine. 

I also watched the very last NASA space shuttle being launched.  It was my first and last!

I decided to sit in my old toy bucket for a while.  I fit quite well!

I have been seeing everyone with these cell phones and want one of my own.  I try to take everyone else's phone all the time.  Granny gives me hers to play with sometimes.  Beware - I may be calling you one day!

Sitting in my old toy bucket was so much fun, I wanted to do it again!  Only this time we added water and I put my bathing suit on. 

These things y'all call Cheerios are disgusting!!!!  What in the world?!?!?!?!

I love to read books (and eat them too).  I can turn the pages all by myself!

I think Granny wants me to learn to use an abacus with this thing.  That's for old people!

I decided to wear my "Daddy's Lil' Lady Bug" outfit and skirt today that Aunt Brandy and Uncle Phillip bought me.  I am just too cute for words!

I also tried out my little rocking chair that Mr. and Mrs. Bullock gave me when I was born.  I fit perfectly!

Don't worry - July is only half way over.  I have lots more to do!


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