Monday, October 31, 2011

Claire's 1st Halloween {at home}

Although Claire has already had her official 1st Halloween last year at Duke, this is her first real Halloween at home.  It's been a fun-filled holiday so far and we plan to trick or treat to a few places this evening if she is up to it. 

Claire was an M&M last year for Halloween.  She wore a handmade costume made by one of her NICU nurses, Gina.  She was too cute!  Here is a comparison of last year on Halloween vs. this year on Halloween with the same costume:


I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow of our trick or treating tonight!

I still haven't downloaded the pictures of Claire making the plate at Accidental Artist, but here is the final product.  I thought it turned out cute and Trent really liked it!  The tractor is made from Claire's footprint and the baby chicks are made from her thumb prints. 

Claire spent the weekend visiting lots of family while Trent and I were busy at the Pollocksville Big Game Hunt.  Claire got to spend time with Grandma Neat Neat, Aunt Brandy and Uncle Phillip, and even spent the night with Granny and Big Daddy!  Big Daddy found Claire the cutest Elmo hat over the weekend.  She looks like such a big girl wearing it! 

Claire trying to take off her Elmo hat

Our family at the Big Game Hunt

Grandma Neat Neat brought Claire out so Trent and I could see her before she went to spend the night with Granny and Big Daddy. 
It was a cold, but good weekend.  Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

The Scott Family

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