Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One year ago October 4th

 A year ago today was a Monday.  My sister Amanda had spent the night at Duke with me.  I had been moved to a regular room to just be monitored and on bed rest.  I was not allowed to leave my room.  I had had a great weekend of resting, having friends visit, eating real food, etc.  The doctors had done some 24 hour testing to check certain protein levels and other things all through the night.  We were abruptly awoken around 6 am by one of the maternal-fetal medicine doctors letting me know I had to be immediately moved back to labor and delivery ASAP because I had HELLP Syndrome and was almost sure I would be delivering Claire that day.  Talk about a rude awakening!

We didn't have time to pack up anything before the transport guy was there to take me down for the 5th floor.  They were in a hurry.  HELLP Syndrome is a very bad type of severe preeclampsia that could either seriously damage me and Claire or be deathly.  They don't take it lightly. 

Amanda called everyone (as all of my family had gone back home for a few days) to come back to Durham - that the doctors were saying Claire could be born today.  The doctors were concerned that my liver enzymes were high and my blood platelets were low.  My blood pressure remained ok, so they couldn't figure that one out.  HELLP can also cause you to have seizures.  So back on the magnesium sulfate once again.  Another MFM doctor came in on the day shift (one of the doctors I love so much) and said she had no idea what was going on with me.  She set a goal of 1 pm to see where my levels were.  If they were getting worse, they would induce me.  If they stayed the same, we would play the waiting game. 

At 1 pm, things were the same or maybe even slightly better, so we were playing the waiting game.  Every few hours they would draw labs and go from there. 

If you are interested in the "play by play" of that day, here are 4 posts my sisters made a year ago today. 

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On October 4th, 2011, Claire is busy crawling fast!  She pulled herself up from the floor to standing all by herself last night 3 times!  She has been fighting a cold the past week and is not happy about that.  I also think she is trying to cut her eye teeth and I think they will take 5 years to come in.  Claire is getting excited about her birthday in the next 2 days, and we are too!  Here is a picture or two from this week!

Looking so grown up in her overalls!

Opening her very first birthday gift she received in the mail!

Please pray this cold will leave her soon!  She is getting tired of it very quickly and I am tired of torturing her by cleaning out her nose!  We want Claire to feel 100% for her birthday festivities!

The Scott Family

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