Friday, October 14, 2011

More birthday pictures courtesy of Great Aunt Connie and Great Uncle Bob

My aunt and uncle sent us a CD of the pictures they took at Claire's party!  The pictures are great!  I am so thankful to have them!!  Here a few to share!

Yard Cards by Caroline

Poster I made with pictures of Claire on each month birthday

Cousin Caba having a good time!

birthday cake time

Claire was NOT interested in the cupcake or ice cream at all.

She was more interested in the heart shaped paper plate as you can see her cupcake and ice cream on the ground. 

Outfit change after cake

4 generations of Carpenters

Claire's great grandparents with some of their grandchildren and 2 1/2 great grandchildren (Caba is expecting a baby brother in February)

More of Claire's family

Claire and Cousin Tricia
Happy Friday!

The Scott Family

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