Monday, October 17, 2011

A fun-filled Saturday!

This past Saturday was so much fun!  So much, in fact, I paid for it with a bad back on Sunday!  But other than that, it was perfect. 

Saturday morning, Claire and I drove to Hubert to have her 1 year portraits done.  I was so nervous because I wasn't sure how she would do.  But she did fabulous!  We actually had lots of time left over and had run out of ideas!  But Laura (Laura Yates Photography) had lots of great ideas to fill the extra time.  I just cannot wait to see them!!!!

We then met up with Beth, Izzie, Becky, and Ava in Cove City at A Day at the Farm.  I think this is the very first actual time we have all 6 been together for something fun (other than Claire's birthday party).  It was kind of surreal to me as for so many years we had talked and planned that we would get together with our kids for play dates all the time so they could grow up together.  It's kind of been impossible for us this year though with all of Claire's things going on.  So after I got home and saw Beth's pictures on Facebook, I was in tears just thinking how much I had wanted a day like that to happen.  And it finally did!  Trent and I were talking about it that night and we simultaneously said that it was neat because it was the first "normal" family day we have had maybe in forever.  And it felt good!

Anyways, at A Day at the Farm, we got to see lots of farm animals, a hay bale maze, pumpkin patch, ride on a hay ride and eat ice cream.  It was so much fun!  I am sure we all looked like the psycho moms with our big Canon cameras and all 3 of us taking about a million pictures!  ;)  The girls loved all of it.  And we did too!

watching the horse

Ava and Claire didn't want to feed the goat.

Izzie fed the goat! 

Hay ride!!!  Claire's first!  (Claire, Ava, and Izzie)

In the pumpkin patch!

I love this picture!!!!  (Claire, Izzie, and Ava)

I can't believe one of us actually got a picture when they were all 3 looking!  Way to go Beth!

Ava said she had had enough.  She was going on to other things....

Not the best lighting, but a cute picture!

A special moment for us - Becky and Ava, Beth and Izzie, Me and Claire

"I'm loving this Mom!!!"

Vanilla ice cream to top off the day

We then rode back to our farm and parked under an old shade tree at the shop and watched Trent on the tractor.  Claire really enjoyed it and so did I.  I took a few shots of her hanging around our farm. 

sitting in Daddy's tractor tire

pure beauty

under the shade tree

watching Daddy work

chewing my fingers - those eye teeth still haven't come in! 

Our Saturday was great!  I am so glad we got to do everything and the weather was perfect.  I hope we can have a lot more of these types of days very soon! 

Claire had her 1 year check up at the pediatrician today and did well.  She is in the 61st percentile for head circumference, 29th percentile for weight, and 9th percentile for length (so a big head, ok on weight, and short).  This is based on an actual 1 year old growth chart and not an adjusted age (Claire's adjusted age is around 9 1/2 to 10 months).  She got her 1 year immunizations and flu shot today.  :(  She scored great again on the developmental tests like she did at Duke last week.  They scored her speech as "borderline" but definitely were not concerned about it at all.  We opted for no speech therapy.  I really don't think she needs it.  Claire also got fluoride on her teeth for the first time today!  She sort of liked it!  We are hoping she will qualify for the Synagis shots again this winter but we won't know until November.

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