Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Claire!!!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..."  James 1:17

This Bible verse basically sums up how I feel about today being Claire's first birthday.  She is absolutely the most perfect and best gift God has ever given our family.  I can't believe she is already a year old!  One big difference of today versus a year ago today, I was able to walk up to Claire, pick her up, hold and squeeze and kiss her.  On her birthday last year, we were unable to even touch her.  What a difference a year makes! 

I wanted to sit down and write a letter to Claire for her first birthday, but I seem to have so many thoughts and ideas just flying around in my head of what I want to say.  So many things, in fact, that I am almost at a loss for words (imagine that!).  Is that possible?  So many things to say, but just can't find the perfect words. 

We are SO proud of Claire and everything she is in this world.  She has been through more this past year than many people ever dream to experience.  Claire has affected the lives of so many - even people we have never met.  She has proven that there is a God and He performs miracles.  Claire has strengthened faith in many lives, especially ours.  We thank God for Claire every day.  And that's the truth!

On her first birthday, Claire weighs 19 lbs 1 oz.  If you think she would sit still long enough for me to get a length measurement, then you are crazy.  She woke up in a great mood as I sang "Happy Birthday" to her (well, she almost always wakes up in good mood in the mornings).  But as I started trying to take some birthday pictures, she would not smile.  Not one bit.  So, oh well.  We have some non-smiling birthday pictures.  But I promise she was happy!  She got to wear her extra special heart/CHD awareness shirt today that she received as her first birthday gift from Charlotte's mom.  She loves it!!!  And I do too!! 
Birthday Girl!

Finally, no more sticky notes on the birthday hat!

She likes the hat better in her hands than on her head.

Momma and Claire on her birthday

Granny and Claire on her birthday

Such a BIG girl!

Finally, a smile!!!!  This was made possible by the neighborhood dog. 

We hope to enjoy cake tonight!  I made a confetti cake for Claire's birthday so we will see what she does with it.  And she has a few presents to open.  I will be posting birthday pictures for the next several days I am sure! 

Claire, you continue to amaze us each and every day.  We love you with all of our hearts.  We pray that God will always bless you, protect you, keep you safe and healthy.  Thank you for all that you have given us this past year.  You have taught us more about life and living than we ever thought possible.  

I honestly just can't come up with the words of how I feel today.  Just know we are so happy and so blessed to be chosen as Claire's family. 

The Scott Family

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