Friday, October 7, 2011

More birthday fun!

*Happy 3rd birthday to Super Dude today!*  We hope it's a SUPER day!!!!!   You deserve it!!   :)

Super Dude and Claire a few months ago at Duke

When we got home last night, we had some more birthday fun!  Below are some pictures to prove it!

Playing with my new tea set from Dr. Rachel! 

Claire and Grandma Neat Neat on her birthday

Claire and her cake Momma made.  The candle played the tune of "Happy Birthday" and she was amazed at it.

Touching the icing.  She did NOT like it!

Our family on Claire's first birthday

Opening presents

Lifetime hunting license for Claire - her birthday present from her Daddy

This is how we end most nights now.  Claire pulls everything out of her diaper bag. 

This morning, Claire decided it was time to start getting ready for Halloween.  She wanted to wear her Halloween outfit from Mrs. Tammy, Christopher, and William.  I think she was just too cute in it!  She also had a black and orange bow in her hair and candy corn socks.  The leggings have little black bats and little orange hearts. 

We opened more presents this morning.

I love my puppy from Mrs. Susan!

Attempt at taking a picture of ourselves.  This was just too funny not to post!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone for making Claire's day special!  We are looking forward to the party this weekend and seeing so many friends.  I hope Claire will enjoy the day and not be too overwhelmed.  The weather is supposed to be perfect! 

The Scott Family


  1. She is just too cute! Thanks for the Birthday wishes for Carter. We sure are some lucky mommies :)

    I hope Claire is enjoying her Birthday week!

  2. What a fun post!! And I spy two matching eyes in that last pic! :) Love it.