Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting ready for trick or treat!

Claire received a cute pajama outfit for her birthday from her friends William and Christopher.  As soon as I opened it, I knew exactly who it was from.  William and Christopher's mom LOVES Halloween!  She actually bought the little Halloween outfit Claire wore this weekend at our farm visits (if you look closely at her leggings, there are orange hearts and black bats!!). 

So I decided since Halloween is coming up I would dress her in the Halloween pajamas the other night.  They were just too cute!!!  I love how there's a little pink bow over her heart.  And the treat for me was when I took Claire to her room to put her to sleep, I realized that the bones glowed in the dark!  I couldn't stop laughing! 

Claire also has a new "trick" - she can whistle.  Yes, she actually whistles.  It is so cute and funny.  She does it a lot when she's crawling really fast and concentrating.  She can't do it on command or anything, but she is a good whistler!  A Claire "treat" is that her hair is getting so thick and curly.  It's really curly in the back of her head, almost a totally different texture than the top of her head.  It's so sweet and it's starting to curl out behind her ears.  My hair was a little curly/wavy when I was little so maybe it will be like that???  Anyways, it's beautiful!

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