Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby Parker 11/25/11 updates

12:53 pm 11/25/11:  Talked to Parker's mom via text and she said he's doing great!  She said the doctors heard a murmur so they will be doing an echo later today.  Please pray that it's something simple like his PDA valve hasn't closed yet and that it's nothing serious.  I know all of you heart moms, just like me, freak out with the word murmur as we know all what it can mean.  Parker's mom does echos on adults so she should have pretty good knowledge of the heart and what she's looking at when they do the test.  Thank you for praying for this sweet miracle baby (one that the doctors said would never make it to this point in his life) and his family.  I know how much each and every prayer meant to us, and they still do.  If I can help by spreading the word and asking for prayers for this family, then that's what I will do! 

The Scott Family

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