Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Salvation Army Christmas Angel

I thought it would be nice if we started a new Christmas tradition with Claire this year.  I want Claire to understand the importance of helping other in their times of need.  So many people have helped us and continue to help us that we want to pay it forward all the time.

So we made the trek to the mall this weekend so Claire could pick out a Christmas Angel off the Salvation Army Christmas tree.  She picked Angel #726-B and her name is K'ya.  She is a one year old little girl so that helps when I am trying to figure out what kinds of things she would like. 

We have started buying presents for our Christmas angel already.  I know Claire does not really understand the concept yet, but I wanted to go ahead and start so it would be something we did every year.  Here are a few pictures of us picking our angel! 

I am so excited to start so many new traditions with Claire!  I can't wait to have Elf on the Shelf and to hide a pickle ornament on the tree! 

The Scott Family

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