Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Parker 11/21/11 updates

10:15 am 11/21/11:  Please keep Baby Parker and his family in your prayers especially today. His mom is at the doctor right now and they may be scheduling a c-section today (or at least this week).  Parker's mom says that he did not pass his tests this morning, wasn't moving good on the ultrasound, and did not do well with breathing.  And that his umbilical blood flow was increased which is not good.  But she said he is moving on his non-stress test, so that is good.  Please pray that the best decision is made for everyone, especially Parker.  He will be born weighing approximately what Claire weighed or less.  I will try to update the blog as I get news!

11:10 am 11/21/11:  Baby Parker passed his non-stress test!  His heart rate went up like it should with movement and he moved around during the test! 

11:21 am 11/21/11:  Parker's mom will go back on Wednesday for an amnio (I am sure to check his lungs).  If everything goes well between now and then, Parker will be a Thanksgiving baby!   Please continue your prayers!
The Scott Family

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