Monday, November 7, 2011

More like mom or dad?

It's so funny when we go different places, most of the time people say how much Claire looks like Trent.  And I totally agree!  I have said that since before she was born when we saw the 4D ultrasound.  But sometimes when we see people that don't know Trent, they always say -"Oh my gosh - Claire looks JUST like her Momma!!!"  I just kind of chuckle and say, "Well, you ought to see her Daddy!"

Anyways, since Claire turned one, I haven't posted a list of things that she likes, dislikes, or is doing.  So to make it fun, I thought I would do a contest.  So I will write something that Claire likes or dislikes or whatever and then tell which parent she is more like with that like/dislike.  Ok, that doesn't really make sense, so I will just start...........

1.  Claire likes ice cream.  She doesn't care for cake (see her 1st birthday posts).  Score one point for Trent.  I love cake and would eat cake over anything else (other than french fries).

2.  Claire is a morning person and is very happy in the mornings.  She bounces in her crib and is all smiles when I get her out every morning.  Score one point for me!  I am definitely a morning person and Trent is more of a night owl. 

3.  Claire's hair is getting curly.  I guess I will have to say score one point for me.  Trent's hair was not curly and is not curly now.  My hair was kind of curly/wavy when I was a baby and can still be wavy if it's humid. 

4.  Claire loves to be outside.  If she is upset or if nothing else makes her happy, just take her outside and she is as happy as a lark.  Score one point for Trent.  I like it outside, but prefer to be inside.  Trent would live outside if he could.  And I think Claire would too.

5.  Claire loves to ride in the car.  Score one point for Trent.  Trent loves to drive!  Me, on the other hand, prefer not to drive.  I would rather just ride.  I believe Claire will be a driver and not a rider. 

6.  When Claire gets tired, she rubs her hair on the back of her head behind her ear.  For those who know me, no explanation needed.  Score one point for me.

7.  Claire is still "feisty" and on the go all the time.  She doesn't require much sleep.  Score one for Trent.  I need my sleep and I am not feisty.  She gets her determination, independence, and strong will from her Daddy.  I am more like a dependent wallflower.  ;)

8. Claire likes bread.  We ordered take out at Outback the other night and all Claire wanted was that brown bread they serve.  She wouldn't eat anything else and would yell at me when I wouldn't give her any bread.  Score one for me as I love bread!  Although I will not yell when I don't get it (most of the time)!

9.  Claire loves to watch the news and the weather.  And Wheel of Fortune.  Although WOF is not one of Trent's favorites, the news and weather is.  So score one for Trent. 

10.  Claire loves spaghetti (and Elmo)!  As you can see from the picture below from this weekend.  Notice the spaghetti in her hair, face, and really everywhere.  She ate a whole plate though before she started playing with it.  I like spaghetti and Trent likes spaghetti, so not really sure who loves it the most.  I think Fuzz would have won on this one because he LOVED all Italian food!  So I guess we will split this one and we both get a point. 

So once you really look at her personality, I guess Claire is a pretty good mix of both of us!  :)

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