Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm just a country girl, country girl at heart!

You know the old Ricky Skaggs song, right?  (We listen to a lot of old classic country and bluegrass). Well I changed the words "country boy" to "country girl" for Claire.  This weekend, her country girl personality came through shining!

Trent entered into a hunting tournament this weekend and ended up finishing 3rd overall!  We are so proud of him!  He killed his first buck on Friday that weighed 144 lbs after being field dressed (that's a big deer for around here).  It was a 6 pointer.  Unfortunately, I was at work and couldn't get there to share in the excitement!  But I called my mom and she carried Claire over to see Trent and his big buck.  I was thinking she could be scared of it or cry, but nope.  Not scared at all!  Guess the 7 deer heads on our wall have her used to the things (actually the deer heads were the first thing she noticed the night we brought her home from Duke). 

Anyways, I didn't realize she was touching the deer's horns until later on that day from the picture!  But she was so proud of her Daddy! 

Saturday morning, Trent went hunting again and killed another 6 pointer.  He didn't weigh as much (114 lbs field dressed), but his horns were a lot bigger and wider than the one from Friday. 

We brought Claire up to see this buck too and she was pretty impressed!

She reached out and wanted to touch his horns too.  Then she reached down and petted the deer on the head!  Too cute!  I believe if she could ever get over the fear of the gun shot noise she will be putting her lifetime hunting license to good use hunting with Trent!

The weather was so nice Saturday that we went on a stroller ride around the farm and Claire took a nap.  She loves it outside!

Once she woke up, she was ready to play outside in the grass.  This country girl is not scared of dirt or getting dirty.  We even picked a boll of cotton on our stroller ride and she threw it around some. 

We also had a Teddy Graham snack picnic in the yard. 

Sunday was a nice family day at church, out to eat with Granny and Big Daddy, visiting Grandma Neat Neat, and just hanging around the house.  Claire decided she wanted to wear her John Deere pajamas last night.  Aren't they the cutest things?  The tractor is made up of hearts!  How appropriate for Claire!  She was practicing her "Whistlin' Dixie" in this picture. 

Claire, quite literally, is a country girl at heart.  Not only is it in her blood, you will remember, she has a piece of cow skin in her heart that patches the large hole between her ventricles.  How "country" is that?  Nothing says farm girl like having part of a cow in your heart! 

The Scott Family

PS - Grandma Neat Neat said she heard Claire say "Elmo" a few times this weekend.  I tried and tried to get her to say it for me with no success.  I will keep trying!   She did say Da Da and Ma Ma a lot this weekend.  She is also saying "wee" and "bree" too.

PSS - Today Claire is exactly 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day old!  Thought that was neat!  ;)

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