Thursday, November 10, 2011

Claire's One Year Portraits

I had been looking forward to this photography moment for a long time!  I had planned to have my maternity pictures done by my friend Beth on the day Claire was born.  We had planned it a few weeks ahead of that date not knowing what that day would actually bring.  So my "maternity picture" was taken in the hospital with a hospital gown on!  Ugh!  Then I thought after the maternity pictures, that we would have Claire's newborn pictures done by Laura Yates.   And, you get the picture.  They weren't able to be done.  So, when it came to Claire's first birthday, I knew we were going to do portraits with Laura!!!!

Laura squeezed us in pretty quickly after I emailed her.  I think it was like a Monday or Tuesday and we did the pictures that Saturday.  Unfortunately, Trent had already rented a piece of equipment for that day so he was unable to go with us for pictures.  He was probably thinking that was fortunate for him b/c he HATES pictures of himself with a passion.  ;)

Anyways, I knew Laura's work was awesome as I had seen lots of her work for friends and also her website.  So I knew we would get great pictures.  But I had no idea they would be THIS great!  I loved all of them!  I am thinking I will just order all of the pictures and rotate them out as wallpaper.........  Just kidding!   But I am ordering all of them. 

Before I get to the pictures, PLEASE read this.  All images are copyright of Laura Yates Photography. Images may not be downloaded, reproduced, or altered in any way without the express written consent of Laura Yates Photography.  Please respect this and do not copy and reprint any of Claire's pictures.  Laura was nice enough to allow me to post them on her blog for everyone to enjoy.  If you want a copy of a picture, let me know and we can order one for you!  I am ordering the CD of all of them so I will be able to print whatever ones your heart desires!

Some of you have probably already seen the album on Facebook, but for those of you who have not, here are a few of my absolute favorites! 

I won't post the Chirstmas one because that one will probably be your Christmas cards this year! 

To check out Laura's work, you can find her on Facebook under Laura Yates Photography or you can go to her website  If you are looking for someone local to take pictures for you, I HIGHLY recommend Laura!  She does them either in her home, outside, or at a location of your choosing.  She makes the session very laid back and enjoyable.  Tell her Claire sent you!!!

The Scott Family

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