Monday, November 28, 2011

Big Boss Lady

Well, I guess she's more of a "little" boss lady, but you get the point.  We have been joking this weekend that Claire is the boss lady.  Basically she dictates when we do things, how we do things, and what we do.  I carried her out to watch Trent pick beans this weekend and we pretended that she was in charge.  She just loved it.  I mean absolutely LOVED it.  Claire loves it outside and also loves watching her daddy drive a tractor.  She would ride with him all day I believe.  She didn't ride this time, but she sure enjoyed watching! 

Claire and Daddy on the combine

Picking beans

beautiful sky with combine in the foreground

soybeans in the field

I shelled some soybeans to see what they looked like.

"YAY!!!!!"  Way too excited

Boss lady supervising the job

"This is fun Mom!"

Sweet girl

"I think I will help Daddy and pick these beans by hand..."

We just love this nice fall weather.  It's making it so we can be outside a lot.  And I am so happy Claire loves to sit outside and watch Trent farm.  It's one of my favorite passtimes too. 

PS - Baby Parker is doing well!  The echo did show a few small heart defects but they hope he will be able to grow out of them.  He is feeding well.  Parker did have to go on the bili light, but his mom said last night she thought his bilirubin was decreasing.  Carrie has been discharged home so she starts the journey of travelling every day to the hospital to see her son.  And the daunting task of leaving the hospital every night without her son.  Please keep Parker and his family in your prayers!  Also please keep Melanie Mills in your prayers as she is undergoing a week of cancer treatments at Duke this week.  She is also part of Parker's family. 

The Scott Family

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