Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prayer requests

I know there are a lot of you out there that read Claire's blog that are absolute prayer warriors!  Therefore that's why I am always asking for prayers for Claire and for others. It's been proven that prayer works wonders and God hears each and every one.  If Claire's not a testament to that, I don't know what is.

So I have a few prayer requests today and they are in no particular order:

- Please pray for Claire Elizabeth.  She has been back in the hospital for about a week and not feeling like herself.  Pray that the doctors can find a solution to her seizures, pray for healing of her little body, and pray for comfort for her family.  I know how tired I feel some days and I honestly cannot even fathom how tired and exhausted Claire Elizabeth's parents are at this point.  To read more about Claire Elizabeth, here is her blog:

- Please pray for baby Parker Mills.  His mom goes back today (I think) for in-utero measurements to get an estimate on how much the doctors think he weighs now.  She should be about 35 weeks this week and I am hoping and praying she makes it all the way or even past her due date!  This little baby needs as much time to grow as possible before he's born. Please pray for good test results today, for Parker's growth and development, and pray for healthy miracles for him.  He doesn't have a blog, but has a Facebook page - search for Baby Parker Mills. 

- Please pray for our friends Kim and Charles.  They were very excited to be 12 weeks pregnant, but found out Monday that she has Blighted Ovum which in basic terms is a miscarriage.  Basically the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus wall and a sac and placenta form, but no fetus.  Your body believes you are pregnant and you have all of the symptoms b/c the placenta is forming and releasing all of the pregnancy hormones.  So it was a complete shock when they had the ultrasound Monday and there was a sac and placenta but no baby.  Please pray for comfort and understanding for them.  To read more, their blog is:

- Please pray for our friend Megan who had a place removed in her throat and is waiting to hear whether it is benign or not.  Pray for benign results, quick healing, and comfort.

Thank you for taking the time to pray for our friends. 

The Scott Family

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  1. Thank you so much Rebecca! We feel honored to be in your thoughts and prayers :) Praise God for your precious family!