Friday, July 6, 2012

21 Months Old

I seriously cannot believe it's only 3 more short months until Claire is 2 years old.  CRAZY!  Thought I would catch up on posting what Claire is up to at 21 months.

1.  Claire has 16 teeth.  All we have left are the 2 year old molars. 
2.  She can count really well and that is what she likes to do a lot.  She can now count - 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10.  Sometimes she will say 5.  She's really good at it!
3.  Claire is still obsessed with Elmo.  Anything Elmo.  She also likes Chica from the Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout TV channel.  In thinking ahead for her 2nd birthday, we could do either theme, but leaning towards Elmo since he has been her favorite for a long time.
4.  She loves it outside, loves water, and now loves to just sit in the car for fun.
5.  She still drinks from a bottle most of the time, but really likes to drink from a real cup.  It just makes a huge mess.
6.  Claire still only eats fruits.  No vegetables at all.  I try to hide some in her fruit, but she can pick it out.  Sometimes she will eat some meat.  Mainly just fruits, Cheerios, crackers, raisins, cereal bar, puffs, yogurt. 
7.  Claire likes to dance (see video below)! 
8.  She is still a Da Da's girl and it's usually the first thing out of her mouth in the morning or when we get home in the afternoons.
9.  Claire is getting better about being around people and socially interacting.  She is usually shy at first but then warms up to the situation.
10.  She runs everywhere!
11.  Still loves the news and Wheel of Fortune.  And the Furniture Distributors commercial.
12.  For some reason, Claire has decided she does not like a cow sound anymore.  She gets mad if you "moo". 
13.  Claire is officially really only about 18 1/2 months old.  I will be glad when she is 2 so we don't have to use corrected age anymore. 
14.  Claire is really into books, of course, but she has taken a liking to the Christmas books in her room.  Every night now instead of reading Old MacDonald, she reads The Night Before Christmas.  It's one of those recordable books where family members recorded it for her for her 1st Christmas.  She really likes to read/listen to it. 
15.  She still doesn't say Momma or really doesn't call me anything.  Sometimes it sounds like she says "mommy" or "ommy". 
16.  Claire still loves bath time but is not so fond of brushing her teeth.  I bought a new banana fruit flavored toothpaste and she acts like it is really bad.  I need to try something else. 
17.  She is still wearing a size 5 shoe, size 4 diaper, and wears anywhere from 18 months to 2 T clothes depending on how they are made. 
18.  She has still not had her first haircut.  I can't bring myself to cut the curls.  Plus her hair stays short with the curls. 
19.  Claire has a mind of her own - she really always has I guess.  It just seems more evident now in her reactions to things.  She had her first major heeny hiney (AKA - meltdown) this past weekend over not being able to get in the pool at 9 am.  She sounded like I had ruined her entire life. 
20.  She loves to listen for birds.  And then she says "bye bye bird" so sweetly. 
21.   Claire still looks for the moon each morning when we pack up to leave.  She knows exactly where it should be in the sky. 

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