Sunday, July 22, 2012

This is what it's all about

This morning before it got too hot, Claire and I decided to outside to play.  Usually she runs to the pool or the ball or the tractor to play with.  But today she went on a different path.  I just followed her as she silently walked across our entire yard (which is about 5 acres) just looking around.  She walked across our gravel driveway out in front of our house towards the wood line. 

We walked back and forth at the wood line as she discovered new grasses, leaves, and pine trees.  She touched the leaves as if to try to figure out what they were.  She walked back and forth and I followed.   Then she discovered the hill that leads down to the pond at our house.  Since she loves water, I feared she would tear down the hill straight to the water.  And that's what she did.  But when she got close I stopped her and she turned around.  We walked up and down the hill - still in silence.  She would reach out for my hand when the ground felt unstable. 

We walked back to the driveway, hand in hand, and walked back through the yard.  I remember thinking how nice it was and quiet and beautiful.  Just walking with our daughter together like our hearts were carrying on a conversation but without words.  A special moment.

As we walked back across the yard, she got tired and held her hands up in a gesture as to say she was ready to go back inside and get some juice.  I picked Claire and and we headed towards the house.  I told her that I loved her and she blew me a kiss (her way of saying I love you).  Then I said "Claire, you are the most special thing in the world" thinking she probably didn't really understand what I said.  She turned and looked at me and said "thank you".   Folks, this is what it's all about!  My heart melted once again. 

The Scott Family

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