Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July heat

This past weekend was a scorcher.  It was super hot - the hottest I remember in a while.  At one point this weekend, my thermometer on my car read 106 degrees.  H.O.T.

So to beat the heat, we jumped in the pool!  These sunglasses lasted all of 2 seconds.  And you can see I am  having to restrain Claire's hands from pulling them off so I can snap this cute picture of her.  Unfortunately, the sunglasses are now no where to be found.  I think they blew away in the storm.  That's ok, they were only a dollar! 

We swam for about 45 minutes and then a summer storm rolled up.  So we had to get out and go inside. 

Aunt Amanda and Uncle Colby came to swim too.  After the 1st storm, the sun came back out and we got back in the pool.  But not for long.  The sky got dark and we heard thunder coming quickly. 

By the time we got back in the house, rinsed the pool water off, and sat down, there was a major severe storm approaching.  We were NOT prepared to say the least.  There were hurricane force winds and severe lightening.  We lost power pretty quickly and it stayed off for 12 hours.  Riding around the next day, it looked just like it would if we had had a hurricane.  It was pretty scary!  So we sat around in the dark with our 1 camping light and 1 flash light.  We have more, but the batteries are dead and we are not prepared for hurricane season!

I hope that we do not get anymore scary storms like that with all of the 100 degree days!!!!!!

The Scott Family

PS - Claire has her first GI appointment tomorrow at Duke.  Wish us luck!

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