Monday, July 9, 2012

A few days off

I just had a 4 day weekend.  Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was able to take a day off that didn't have to do with a doctor's appointment or something medical for Claire since I found out I was pregnant over 2 years ago.  It was SUPER nice to have a long weekend!!  Even if the 1st day was spent at Duke at an appointment. 

I had to work on the July 4th holiday, but was able to leave work a few hours early which was nice.  Claire made these festive hand prints for the 4th!  We went home and swam and then grilled out steaks to celebrate. 

Thursday, we headed to Duke for Claire's first GI check up.  Usually we hear from her liver surgeon about her liver, but after she had that terrible GI virus/infection a few months ago, I felt like we really should be followed by a GI doctor.   We had hoped to meet Nurse Marie for lunch, but it didn't work out.  I had not told Dr. Rachel we were coming up that day and Nurse Susannah wasn't working.  I hate to make all of Claire's favorites feel like they have to stop what they are doing each time we are at Duke to meet us.  I know they are working hard and I hate to bother them. 

Aunt Amanda rode with me and Claire this time and when we got to Duke, we went to Einstein Bagel in the basement of CHC to get some lunch.  As Claire and I were waiting for Amanda to get our food, I noticed several of the residents that were on Dr. Rachel's team/in her class walked out of a meeting room down there.  I figured we had probably already missed Dr. Rachel.  But low and behold, she came walking out a few minutes later!  It was a great surprise for all of us and made our day!

Claire had a good appointment and they basically looked at us like "why are you here?  She looks great!"  So we will follow up in a year with them or earlier if we think anything is going on with her liver.  It's just nice to have someone/place to call to ask questions.  Dr. Martin (surgeon) is super busy and not always in her office as she is usually doing surgeries. 

So this should be our LAST visit to Duke (hopefully) for an entire year!!!!!!  So we took a picture of us in front of the hospital so next year we can compare how big Claire has gotten.  It feels somewhat surreal. 

Aunt Brandy gave Claire a big bucket of finger paints, so one day this weekend we pulled them out and attempted to paint - the paper.  Instead, Claire painted herself.  And ate the paint.  Needless to say it was messy but fun.  I have found orange paint in her ear for the past few days. 

Saturday, we beat the heat by meeting Ava, Izzie, and Christopher at the New Bern Aquatic Center.  I had no idea this was even in New Bern until this weekend.  It's the city pool but it also has this neat spray/splash area for little kids. 

We had a lot of fun!  And it wore Claire out as she took a 2 1/2 hour nap when we got home. 

We swam some more on Sunday but the pool water was really hot.  These consecutive 100 degree days have really heated up the water.  It was almost too hot to be refreshing.  So we didn't stay in long.  Maybe it will cool of just a little before next weekend! 

The Scott Family

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