Monday, July 16, 2012

Notice anything different?

We are in the process of taking the bottle away.  Right now she just gets a bottle with her milk.  So all juice is in a sippy cup!  I actually found these that work.  I just have to take the no-spill stopper out so it spills everywhere.  But she won't drink it at all with the stopper in.  But we are trying it out! 

The Scott Family


  1. Yay!!! Mason takes his milk in a sippy, but we use the kind with a soft nipple. I tried one like that and he wouldn't use it... never thought of taking out the stopper!

    1. I have tried the straw cups, the soft nipple cups, everything. She will not "work" to get the juice or milk out. So we just have to let it run out everywhere until she gets the hang of it. I am so tired of cleaning the one million pieces to the Dr. Brown's bottles! :)

  2. LOOK at her hair!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. She is beautiful!!