Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book shopping adventure

I had promised Claire all last week that we would take a trip to Books A Million on Saturday and let her pick out a book.  So that's where we headed Saturday morning.  I thought she would be enthralled with the books but all she cared about was running wild through the store.  She had a blast!  And just a warning to all of you old people who go in there and get a book and sit and read - this is NOT a library.  So do not cut your eyes or shoot stink eyes to us mothers who bring our children to a book STORE (not library) to encourage reading and love for books.  Okay?  Thanks.  

Claire found the little spiral things on the carpet very interesting and followed them all over the store.

After an hour of running around, she finally found a book.  Well she did touch a few books - Harry Potter type looking books.  I thought, oh no, please do not want one of those.  Harry Potter is scary!  (Well, I really don't know anything about Harry Potter to be honest).  Mind you, I was thinking a book in the $5-$10 range.  She found one in the $20 range.  I tried showing her other books, but this one must have been so intriguing.  And you will never guess what it was.  Elmo?  No.  Farm animals?  No.  Santa?  No. 

"Cars" the movie:  Pit Crew MATER.   Yes, Claire wanted a Tow Mater book (you know, the bucktoothed tow truck that has the voice of Larry the Cable Guy).  Seriously?!?!  She loved the little tools it had attached to the book and the button you could press that sounded like a hammer.  Her Daddy's child indeed.  (Can you feel her excitement??)

In pure motherly fashion, I tried distracting her from the book.  I knew it was not worth the $20 and that all she really liked was the hammer button and tools.  I can buy a tool set or something for that.  But then I felt bad because I had wanted her to pick out her own book without "leading" her to a certain one.  And that's what she did and this is what she picked.  If it had been cheaper, we would have walked out with it. 

So I tried distracting her.  It was coincidentally kids day at BAM and I had no idea.  So the staff had set up a make shift bean bag toss.  Claire threw the yellow bag straight through the hole!  I swear this child will play fast pitch softball when she gets older.  Grandma Neat Neat and Aunt Doe met us there on their way to Pet Smart. 

As part of kids day, Claire also got a half of a chocolate chip cookie.  She was not interested in the cookie at all, just the bean bags.  So as you can see on my face, I really wanted the cookie (it was hot and gooey).  So I got to enjoy the yummy cookie!  :)

After much more book searching, Claire was tired and was starting to throw whatever book we offered her onto the floor.  So I found this one and we got it.  I really like this author and her books.  Since Claire's really into counting I thought she might like it.  Claire hasn't seemed to impressed with the book yet.  I think she still wants the Tow Mater book.  Guess I should have just bought it like I said I would. 

So we had fun at BAM and will do it again soon (so BEWARE old people using the bookstore as a library.  We WILL be back!)!  And next time I will let her pick out her own book.  Maybe.....

The Scott Family


  1. What a cute update! When my boys were younger they were totally into the "noise" books and the ones with tools like Bob the Builder, etc. Not much "reading" involved with those books but it did help to kick strat their interest in books. Glad she enjoyed the bookstore! You shoudl check out your local library for craft times, specials for kids, storytimes, etc. Logan loves going to the library.

    1. Thanks! I know - after she wanted the $20 book, I wondered why I didn't think of just going to the library! I think we may try that next time. And I do need to check into the other things offered there. What age did you start taking your kids there? Think Claire is too young?