Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All in a Saturday

We jammed a bunch of fun things into this past Saturday.  As we all know, Saturdays are a day to sleep in.  Well NOT in our household it's not!  Claire decided to get the day started before the sun came up at 5:15 am.  So by 8 am, she was ready to get out on the town!  We stopped by Granny and Big Daddy's for a visit.  Their neighbors have some chickens and ducks and now ducklings.  So Claire, Big Daddy, and I walked over to check out the ducklings.  Claire thought they were so funny as she chased them all over their yard!  She looks like she is herding sheep or pigs or something with that thing in her hand (it's a duck yard ornament from my mom's flower bed). 

She also thought you were supposed to squeeze their little heads.  :(

We then headed over the the park in my parents' neighborhood thinking on a Saturday morning it would be filled with kids to play with.  We were the only ones there.  Claire got on several slides and ran around, but it just wasn't as fun by ourselves.  Plus it was super hot by this time, so we only stayed 30 minutes. 

Then we went home and swam in the pool.  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Colby came over with a friend and also swam.  The water was refreshing!  Trent even finished working a little early and joined us. 

Aunt Amanda and Claire

We had a fun Saturday!  We usually try to pack a lot of fun things in on the weekends since we both work full time during the week (and Trent works most Saturdays too).  Claire still loves the pool so it's nice to be able to do that right in our back yard. 

The Scott Family

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