Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of Claire

Claire goes to "day care" each day at Granny and Big Daddy's house while mommy and daddy go to work.  They have a lot of fun there as you can see from the pictures below!!

Claire gets to play the keyboard and "sing" into the microphone:

Claire gets to play with Woody the dog (who is Fuzz's 1st cousin):

She gets to chew her hands or all of the many toys she has:

She gets to ride in her "big girl" umbrella stroller.  Doesn't she just look so proud of herself?!?!?!

Claire gets to learn about musical turtles:

And practice tummy time on Aunt Amanda's bed:

"Shew!  I'm worn out!"
 Hang out in the Bumbo chair with all of her toys.  Her new trick is to continue to throw them all on the floor and want you to pick them up for her:

Claire gets to play outside a lot and now she has a new sun hat to wear while doing it!  Claire LOVES it outside!!!

She gets to watch Baby Einstein videos:

Play in the exersaucer outside on the porch:

And she absolutely loves the wind chimes!  It's not a great picture but every time I would touch them and they would make noise, she had the best look on her face like amazement and happiness.  We may be installing wind chimes all over our home.....

So as you can see, Claire has TONS of fun during her play days while we are at work.  We don't have to worry one bit about her and that is so nice!!!!

On another note, we are trying to decide whether Claire is teething or if something else is going on.  She has been chewing things for a while now.  And drooling a lot.  Just this week she has started the "grunting" noises again like she did with her liver cyst.  So you know in the back of my mind what I am worried about.  But Claire started running a low grade fever last night too.  I know that can be part of teething, so I am trying not to worry, but it's hard.  I have put a call into the nurse today.  Claire's favorite pediatrician isn't in today so I am not happy about that.  I trust her pediatrician very much.  But we will see what the nurse says.  I don't want to wait to the weekend and something else be going on. Claire is just not your "normal" baby so we can't just ignore things and pass them off as teething.  But I am praying that's all it is! 

Of course I don't think you can parent from a book, but I do read my books a lot to figure out if things are normal or if Claire is on track with what experts think is "on track" for her adjusted age.  So I looked up teething and here are the symptoms my book gives:

It is listed under the Fifth Month section and that's what Claire's adjusted age is.

- Drooling - check
- Chin or face rash - uncheck
- A little cough - check
- Biting - check, check, check
- Pain - maybe check?
- Irritability - check
- Refusal to feed - uncheck - this girl likes to eat
- Diarrhea - uncheck
- Low-grade fever - check
- Wakefulness - uncheck
- Gum hematoma - uncheck
- Ear pulling; cheek rubbing - check - her right ear
- Something to chew on - check, check, check
- Something to rub against - check
- Something cold to drink - not applicable
- Something cold to eat - not applicable
- Something to relieve the pain - check - baby motrin

So it SOUNDS like teething, but I just can't be sure.  I am ready to see a tooth for confirmation!!!!!!  Can't they do teeth x-rays or something?!?!  Just kidding.  Anyways, I will update you with any information on the teething vs. something else going on once we talk to the nurse/doctor. 

PS - Claire loves to scratch.  When she wakes up in her crib, she rolls herself over and starts scratching the sheets.  She also does this when she's going to sleep.  It must be her comfort thing.  She has started scratching the back of her head a little bit, and of course Trent and I think this is her mimicking me twirling my hair.  I may have started a bad habit already...

Have a great day!

The Scott Family

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