Friday, January 13, 2012

One year at the zoo {and Operation SLEEP updates}

A year ago today, we brought Claire home from Duke for the first time.  It was a great feeling, yet very scary!  We had been told several times we would be going home by a certain date and they always fell through.  The nurses then said you were not allowed to say "home" in front of the babies.  You had to say you were going to take a trip to the zoo!

So when I called to check on Claire during the night, the nurse asked if they doctors had said anything about taking Claire to the zoo the next day.  I said no and that I figured since she had just had surgery 2 days before, that there was no way she would go home. 

Everyone had gone back home for a few days and I was at the hospital by myself that morning.  The doctors came around for rounds and said Claire was going to the zoo right now!  Wow!  It was crazy getting everything ready in just a few hours to come home (or to the zoo!)!  But it's been a wonderful year at the zoo and we wouldn't trade a minute of it to go to the circus again!  ;)

This was us walking out of the door of TCN! 


As far as the sleeping project goes, nights 3 and 4 have been better.  Claire went to bed by 8:20 pm each night and has pretty much slept through the night.  She has been up a time or two, but only stays up for maybe 15 minutes.  She's dealing with a runny nose now so that makes it hard for her to sleep when she has trouble breathing through her nose.  But I hope this means we are making progress??????  We are planning to keep the new early bedtime routine up for at least a whole week in hopes that it will start better sleeping habits.  So please continue to keep us in your prayers!

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  1. yay! so glad that sleeping seems to be turning a corner :-)