Monday, January 9, 2012

So....Here's the situation

The sleeping situation that is.  In reality - I should say the non-sleeping situation. 

Here is a run down of last night's non-sleeping situation:

8:45 pm - I believe Claire is trying to cut 2 more 1 year molars so I give her some ibuprofen in her bed time bottle.  I TRY to put teething gel on her gums but she clamps her mouth shut so this is impossible.  I attempt this 3 times.  Claire drinks her bottle and is sound asleep.

12:47 am - Claire is awake crying in her crib.  I go up, rock her back to sleep pretty easily. 

1:12 am - Claire is asleep, I am back in bed.

1:30 am - Claire is awake crying in her crib.  I fix a small bottle of juice and ibuprofen thinking the other has worn off and her teeth are hurting again.  She drinks the 1/2 ounce bottle with medicine.  I attempt to put teething gel in again and her mouth is still clamped shut.  No success. 

1:50 am - Claire is back asleep in her crib.

2:17 am - Claire is awake crying in her crib.  We have a discussion that this is unacceptable and it is bed time.  I don't rock her this time, but lay her back down and rub her head and back until she is asleep again.  I go back to our bed. 

2:43 am - Claire is awake again crying in her crib.  Trent suggests teething gel and ibuprofen and I explain my previous attempts.  I just sit in the bed and watch her a few minutes on the monitor to see if she will go back to sleep.  No such luck.

2:50 am - I attempt the teething gel again while Claire is crying thinking I might be able to sneak some in her mouth while it's open.  I am partially successful with the majority of the gel smeared all over Claire's face and my hands.  I rock Claire and explain again how this is time for sleep and ask her to please explain what is wrong.  She does not answer me.  This is when I will be really happy when she can talk and tell me what is bothering her.  I rock Claire back to sleep.  As I leave her room again, I cross my fingers in hopes God is listening for my prayer for sleep. 

3:11 am - I am back in our bed for the final time.  And we all sleep. 

6:00 am - We are up getting ready for work.  Claire is sleeping ever-so soundly.

6:45 am - It is time to go leave to take Claire to Granny's.  She is sound asleep and is not ready to wake up.  I wake her anyway.  She greets me with a huge smile, waving her hands and clapping, and a "mama"!  I then forgive her for not sleeping, my heart melts, and I forget the fact that we were up for 2 1/2 hours during the night. 

So, how do I fix this?  I have no idea.  This is a typical night for us.  We get maybe 1 or 2 nights every week or so that Claire sleeps all night.  She is exhausted at bed time so we can't keep her awake any later at night.  I am not really into the "cry it out" method even though that may be the solution.  I need other solutions.  Any suggestions?????

The Scott Family

PS - Claire took her first steps by herself Saturday night!  That's the one and only time she has done it but she is so close to walking.  I will post videos soon of her pushing her walking toys around!


  1. One thing you could TRY is actually putting her down earlier (before she hits that exhausted stage.) We did that with Charlotte and for some reason it worked like a charm! But then again...what do I know!? Hope you all start getting some better sleep!

  2. I have no idea why, but often when you put them down earlier they will sleep better. Sleep leads to more sleep or something like that! It also could be the molars. One of mine is going through the same thing right now.
    Also, maybe instead of rocking her when you go in, just rub her back and head. She may like the extra snuggles which is why she's waking up. Don't you wish babies came with manuals? :)

  3. I'm no help. Mason still wakes 4 times per night. I worry that his reflux bothers him at night.

    One thing we did do, though, is night-wean him because he was "sucking to sleep" on his bottle. I used the Dr. Jay Gordon method for that and it was really gentle.

    I'm not for cry it out, but at an older age (as in not an infant) I think letting them cry in a crib while you pat/console is acceptable. That's what we had to do to help Mason fall asleep in his crib (without the 45 min of walking him around in the ergo) and the longest he cried (again, we were in the room soothing him) was 14 minutes.

  4. I agree about putting them down earlier. If let ours stay up past 9, seems like they just cant settle easily or wake at night. Still happens. Def try to console her if you want, but also teach her how to self soothe. Even if you put her down early and let her get herself to sleep. In the long run, she will sleep better and so will you!! :) Good luck! :)

  5. Oh girl - I feel your pain. My babies both wake up so much all the time (and one of them is 3!) and I just know how exhausting and impossible it is when you dont get any sleep! I'm so sorry!

  6. "Sleep begets sleep" - earlier bedtime usually helps, I know it seems opposite of how it should be. But better than any advice I can give is THE best book EVER for sleep training(used it for different issues with both kids): _Heathy Sleep Habits, Happy Child_. (*If* you can stay awake long enough to read it!!) Good luck! ((HUGS)) Michelle Duncan