Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Operation SLEEP - Beginners luck? {night one}

After getting some good advice yesterday on what to try to get Claire to sleep through the night, we started Operation SLEEP last night.  ;)  I decided to start small and just try putting Claire to bed a little earlier than normal.  She had adequate naps yesterday so I figured she might not be tired any earlier than her normal 9 pm bedtime.  But we started wind down time about 1 hour earlier than usual and I attempted to get Claire to sleep about 45 minutes to an hour earlier. 

She fought it a little bit but we were able to put her down at around 8:20 pm.  So approximately 30-40 minutes early.  I just knew she would be up in no time so I anxiously waited all night for her to wake up. 

Call it beginners luck, but she slept all night and I had to wake her up to go to work this morning!  I guess we will keep trying this method for several nights to see if it makes a difference or not.   But we were happy with at least ONE full night sleep! 

So we will see what happens!  It would be nice if this was the answer, but I am not usually that lucky.  But it's definitely worth a try and is the "easiest" suggestion to start with. 

The Scott Family

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