Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Operation SLEEP - Yep, it was beginners luck {night two}

Remember how I was worried that the first night we tried the new sleeping routine that it would be beginners luck?  Well, I was right.  Night 2 was crazy.

Claire only had 1 nap on Tuesday around lunch time for about 1 hour and no afternoon nap.  So she was sleepy at bath time.  We did the same routine and after her bath, we started wind down time.  She went to sleep easier than the first night.  Here's the timeline:

8:15 pm - Asleep

12:15 am - Awake, crying.  I just rubbed her head and back in the crib and she went back to sleep. 

12:45 am - Awake, crying.  I changed her diaper and rocked Claire back to sleep.  She acted uncomfortable so I thought changing her diaper would help.

1:26 am - Claire is back asleep in her crib.  I get back in our bed.

1:36 am - Claire is awake and crying.  I think it must be her teeth bothering her.  I put teething gel in her mouth.  That doesn't seem to help.  I rock her.  That doesn't help.  I put her back in her crib with some toys and I lay in the bed in her room.  She is not interested in playing and keeps crying.  I hear her pass gas, so I think maybe she needs some gas drops!  I give her gas drops in hopes that maybe it's just gas that's bothering her.  I rock Claire back to sleep.

2:38 am - Claire is asleep and I am back in bed.  Trent and I realize that his favorite show of all time is on tv at this time of night - Dukes of Hazzard. 

2:40 am - Claire is awake and crying.  I figure is has to be her teeth bothering her.  I give her motrin.  I see that she has a booger blocking her nostril so I get that out.  That must be the culprit!  She is really awake now so I rock her again.  She starts babbling and talking about Elmo.  I explain that Elmo is asleep and she should be to.  That doesn't seem to matter to Claire. 

3:16 am - Claire is asleep. I get back in bed in my bathrobe/house coat  (I wear it over my pjs b/c Claire loves to snuggle her face in the material).  Trent asks why I am sleeping in it and I explain that I am sure Claire will be awake shortly so I just didn't take it off.  We lay there a few minutes trying to figure out what is wrong with Claire and why she is crying and waking up all night.  We figure we have have covered the bases.

3:27 am - Claire is back awake.  See???  I told you I should just stay in my bathrobe!  This time I don't take her out of the crib.  I just put a bunch of toys in there and figure maybe she wants to play and will play herself to sleep.  I lay in the bed in her room.  She does not play with the toys, but stands in the crib and jumps up and down crying.  I call out to her and tell her it's ok.  I think I scared her because it's dark and she can't see me and she starts crying louder.  Trent peeks his head in and asks if I have considered that she might be hungry.  Wow!  Why in the world did I not think of this earlier!!!!!  He takes Claire and I fix a bottle.  She sucks it down in no time and is asleep. 

4:01 am - Claire is sleeping, and we are both back in bed.  My husband is my hero.  

It is now 7 am and she is sleeping soundly.  It's time to go to work.  ***sigh***

The Scott Family

PS - Today, one year ago, Claire had her first liver surgery.  It had snowed and was very icy in Durham.  We are glad we are home this year even if we were awake all night!  :)

PSS - enjoy the other post with the videos for today!

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  1. Stick with it! She'll catch on to the new routine eventually! I remember that it took Charlotte about a week and then she was good to go.