Monday, January 30, 2012

That kind of day

This is the kind of day Claire had today.  Poor, pitiful thing.  She became sick around the end of last week with a runny nose and terrible cough.  She had her 15 month check up today and scheduled Synagis shot, so I didn't want to torture her twice by taking her to the doctor this weekend.  I called Sunday but they said since she didn't have a fever that there was nothing they could do. 

So as soon as we walked into the doctors office today, Claire's bottom lip poked out and she burst into tears.  She is TERR.I.FIED of the doctors office understandably.  I feel so bad for her. I felt the same way  as we walked into the "SICK ROOM".  Our office has a well waiting room and a sick waiting room.  We are usually always in the well room or we wait in the breastfeeding room to stay away from sick kids. But today we were the sick kids!  Well at least we were the only ones in there.  But I felt like we were in a petri dish and the walls were closing in on me with germs everywhere.  I know, a little obsessive. 

She was scared of the scale again.  She weighed 22 lbs 15 oz, measured 30", and head circumference I think was 46 cm (I couldn't remember or really hear over Claire's crying).  The doctor said she was 69th percentile for weight (I am still not sure??) and 22nd percentile for height (so she's short!).  But she said Claire has a double whammy being a preemie and heart baby which can both cause her to be small.

Claire calmed down after all that and was actually cooperative with the pediatrician.  She was occupied eating Cheerios so the doctor got a good listen to her lungs, etc.  Then the dreaded words came - "I think she has RSV."  She said she could test her to be sure but that would mean a trip to the hospital to be tested and she didn't want to put Claire through that.  And she said she would treat her the same way anyways.  I also told her Claire had been sticking her finger in her right ear.  The pediatrician saw some fluid behind her ear so she prescribed Claire an antibiotic for that.  For the coughing and cold symptoms, we are to just do the normal cool mist humidifyer, vicks plug ins, boogie wipes, etc. 

Claire is lucky that she has received the Synagis shot last year and this year due to her prematurity and health issues.  This shot is kind of like the flu shot except it is for RSV.  So the doctor is hoping since Claire has received several rounds of Synagis, this will help Claire not have as severe symptoms of RSV as if she did not have the vaccination.  So I guess that's a good thing.  We will just watch her and pray she gets better soon.  She is so miserable.  :(

So Claire got her Synagis shot today and several other shots for 15 months.  I asked if we should wait but the doctor said no.  I weighed my options of having to torture Claire again by bringing her back later for the shots.  So we just went ahead with them today. 

Oh, before I forget, all of Claire's 1 year molars are almost through!  :)

Then the doctor asked how Claire was doing developmentally.  We discussed that and she said she didn't really recommend getting evaluated by a PT but she also thought it might be a good idea for Claire's gross motor skills (walking, following demands, etc.).  I kind of didn't want to do it since she has a SICC appointment in May, but decided to go ahead and schedule the evaluation.  I can always cancel it.  I thought maybe they'd give us some things to work on at home.  I am still not sure about doing it or not.

So after that kind of day, I was in a hurry to pick up some supper and get home.  I decided to get us something healthy and was on the way to McDonald's.  So all of you who live where we do know that one of the McDonald's is off of Red Robin Lane.  And you KNOW the speed limit is 25 mph like I do.  But......I was speeding trying to get there.  There were some men walking down the road so I swerved around them and sped up at the same time not really paying attention to my speed.  Then I saw it. Hiding behind the bushes parked pointing at me at the old Food Lion.  NBPD.  And of course, he pulls out behind me with his lights flashing.  Yep.  I got pulled for speeding.  First time ever for me.  So here I am in front of McDonald's at 5:30 pm with all the traffic staring at me as I sit on the side of the road.  I have no idea what to do. I don't even know what my registration is to give the officer.  I had to seriously ask him if I had the right paperwork. 

I am praying at this point he will see I have never even been pulled in all my 17 years of driving and just give me a warning.  Nope.  He comes back with a ticket for going 40 in a 25.  I am so freaking out I can't even cry.  He said the residents back there had complained people had been speeding through there so they were pulling people.  Great.  Well can you tell the "residents" to stop walking down the roadway so I don't have to speed up and swerve to get around them?  Ok, thanks.  That's what I wanted to ask but I didn't. 

So I go to McD's to order our food and the guy asks how my day was.  I told him it could be better and he said "oh you were the one who just got pulled?"  I said yes and he told me he had been at work for an hour and I was the 3rd one who had been pulled since he had been at work.  Sorry for you other two people ahead of me!  :/  I feel your pain!

So then, that's when I came home and looked just like Claire did in the above picture.  So here's to Monday!!!!! 

The Scott Family

PS - Please keep Claire in your prayers.  RSV can be really hard on children health issues like her. 


  1. I'm praying for Claire's health. RSV is one of those serious illnesses for our heart babies :( I pray the synagis does its job!!

  2. Hope the synagis works! Caden gets those shots too . . . poor little girly!

  3. So sorry that Claire has been sick (and that you got a ticket!). Double whammy! Our boys were given the synagis last year but weren't eligible for it this year. Last Christmas they had RSV but we luckily didn't have to go to the hospital. This Christmas, they were sick again, probably with RSV. We ran the humidifier on full blast constantly and were always cleaning out their noses. Very scary stuff! hope she feels better soon!