Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our 2012 New Year's weekend {and the reason I was so worried about breaking the Cardinal Rule...}

Well, our New Year weekend didn't go as planned, yet again.  Did I really just say that 4 letter word again??  P.L.A.N?  Don't I remember how bad that word is?!?!  ;)

New Year's Eve started out normally with Trent hunting and Claire and I eating lunch with Granny at Carolina Bagel.  First, I took Claire to peds to get her synagis shot.  We were the first ones in the door so we would not have to make contact with any sick children.  Of course, Claire panicked and freaked out when she had to get on the scale.  Not sure if this is a female fear of weight (hahaha) or that she just knows she's act the doctor.  I am thinking the latter.  Claire weighed 22 lbs 9 oz!  They didn't measure her because she was so upset!  I asked the doctor what percentile she was in and he told me 70th.  At first I thought, "wow! That's GREAT!"  But after I posted something about it on Facebook and thought about it, I am thinking he told me something wrong.  I am going to research it more and let you know the real truth!  Compared to the other children Claire's age and same weight, they are all in the 20-25th percentile.  So I am thinking that's where she is.  I really can't imagine a preemie heart baby being in the 70th percentile?!?!  I looked back at how much I weighed at 15 months and it was around 22 lbs.  But who knows.  I will report more later on this subject.  We got the shot after much screaming and crying and headed out the door. 

Anyways, I noticed Claire didn't really eat much lunch that day, but she just seemed to busy watching everyone at the restaurant and waving at them.  That afternoon, the temperature was like 65 degrees (on December 31st y'all!) so we went for a stroll around the farm.  Claire munched on Cheerios and milk and fell asleep for about an hour outside.  It was so nice. 

We had planned (there's that word again) to attempt to take Claire out to eat at a real restaurant for supper for the first time.  I did the call ahead seating for Outback and we were getting ready to go.  I laid Claire down to change her diaper and she made a face like she was going to gag.  Then out of NOWHERE, projectile vomit went all of our bed and Claire!  I picked her up and put her on the bathroom floor so I could clean her and the bed.  The more vomit all over the bathroom rug.  Ugh. 

Claire started smiling and acting normal like it never happened.  We chalked it up to the fact that she got overly excited when Trent came home and had just had a bottle.  Maybe she just got too excited and when I laid her back, it just upset her stomach.  Hmmmm.....

So onto Outback we went!  So naive.  I dropped Trent off at the door to get our buzzer and Claire and I met him outside on the bench.  As soon as I set down with her, the vomit returned.  All over the concrete at Outback.  Then I knew it wasn't the over-excitement that we thought it was.  So our NYE steak turned into drive thru McDonald's and a stop at Rite Aid to pick up some Pedialite. 

The thing that really worried me was that earlier that afternoon, Claire had hit the back of her head on the wall.  Not hard at all, and no goose egg or bump on her head.  But it was almost exactly 1 hour after she hit her head that she started throwing up.  So with the shot, the head bump, and the vomit, I wasn't sure what to blame it on. 

Claire was sick several more times (I had to change clothes about 4 times) up until around 8:30 pm.  Poor thing just laid on the floor in a ball or in my lap.  She still had no fever.  I called the after hours nurse and also talked to the pediatrician on call.  They both thought it was the bug going around and to just watch her for dehydration.  So I slept with Claire in her room and was up all night feeling her head for fever or a goose egg.  We were both up at midnight so I could get her to drink some fluids, but Trent had fell fast asleep so none of us got to see the ball drop.   She slept well and was very thirsty Sunday morning. 

She didn't eat much food Sunday, but drank lots of Pedialite and clear liquids.  We started her back on formula last night and she seems to be back to her self this morning.  Thank God.  So we still don't know exactly what caused it yet.  I am hoping just a bug and hope that no one else gets it.  So we have no pictures from the weekend except 2 cell phone pictures I posted on yesterday's post (the last 2 pictures - one of us strolling on NYE and one from Sunday morning of her feeling better playing the piano).  But that's ok.  I will remember not to use the word "plan" ever again.  And on top of that, I got my payback for breaking the Cardinal Rule.  Lessons learned. 

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  1. So sorry Claire was sick this weekend. :( Glad that it seems to be over quickly, though!

    Rebekah is 30 months old, and is 22 lbs and 5 oz. So Claire being 15 months and 22 lbs. sounds huge to me!! :) I'm thinking that it does sound closer to where our boys were around that age, though, and they were all about average. I'll be interested to see what you find out about her percentile.