Wednesday, January 4, 2012


After my confusing appointment with the pediatrician last weekend saying Claire was in the 70th percentile for weight, I decided to do some research on my own.  I went to a Interactive Growth Chart to see exactly where Claire stood based on her weight and height.  I don't know what her head circumference is and don't think she would sit still long enough to get a good measurement.

The last weight I had on Claire was from 12/31/11 of 22 lbs 9 oz.  This is with no clothes or shoes on or diaper.  The last length I had was from her last Duke appointment on 12/7/11 31.1 inches.  I charted those on the graph using 15 months as Claire's age (as that is what she will be Friday!).  The points landed directly on the graph lines so it was easy to read!

As far as Claire's weight goes, she is considered to be directly on the 50th percentile line.  For her height, she is directly on the 75th percentile line.  Not to shabby for a premature heart baby with liver disease who has endured 3 surgeries this past year and born at 3 lbs 2 oz, 16 1/4" long. 

So what exactly does this mean?  From my research and from what I understand, it means that of girls Claire's age, 50% +/- of them weigh less than Claire and 50% +/- weigh more than Claire.  So she's right in the middle.  And 75% +/- of girls Claire's age measure shorter than Claire while 25% +/- measure longer than Claire.  So to me that says she's pretty "average" when it comes to weight and height and that is a good thing.  I think I explained that correctly and if I didn't, someone please let me know!!  :)

I am not sure if you can use the same growth chart to compare and use her adjusted age of 12 months instead of 15 months to see where she stands.  If I did, she would be on the 75th percentile line for weight and the 95th percentile line for height. 

The way I look at it is that she is growing and developing by leaps and bounds all the time! 

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