Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A few things on my mind

Tomorrow(Thursday), Ryland will have his open heart surgery.  Please keep him, his family, the doctors, surgeons, and nurses in your prayers.  You can read more about Ryland and his heart journey at:

Also, Caroline Combs (and baby Conner) move into Duke tomorrow.  She will be 24 weeks and is still on bed rest hoping Conner will stay put as long as possible. And that he continues to grow and stay healthy.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.  You can read more about Conner's journey at:

Claire is having fun with the warmer weather.  She is playing hard every day!  We still have not gotten back to our good sleeping all night pattern since she was sick.  I am praying we get back to that soon, because it is wearing momma and daddy out!  :)  She is saying all sorts of new things and knows what you are saying most of the time.  Still no luck on the sippy cup but we are trying every now and then.

Trent has been working hard getting all of the vegetables and corn planted and getting ground ready to plant cotton.  The deer have been in our lettuce and eaten a lot of it.  Please pray for a bountiful year for our farms.  You can read more about our USDA certified organic produce farm at:  We don't have a website for our conventional row crop farm!

The Scott Family

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